Collection of 11+ AJAX Tools, APIs, Frameworks For Faster Development

In previous posts like The Ultimate Collection of AJAX Form Validation Plugins (Controls) or AJAX Search: Save Time, Save Money, we have introduced some APIs and plugins, in fact there are many tools, APIs, frameworks and applications can make our developing life pretty fast and simple.

For example, as we all know test and debug Javascript and Ajax applications is diffcult if no any tools. But it will be simple with the debug tools/plugin like FireBug. The following is 11 AJAX tools, APIs, frameworks for faster your development. Enjoy!


Google AJAX Language API

The language API is designed to be simple and easy to use to translate and detect languages on the fly when offline translations are not available.With the AJAX Language API, you can translate and detect the language of blocks of text within a webpage using only Javascript. In addition, you can enable transliteration on any textfield or textarea in your web page.




An easy to use interface that helps you reach the methods and functions of many JavaScript frameworks by getting the data from trusted sources and websites.



WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio

They provide a powerful solution for rapidly developing web-based applications, easy-to-use WYSIWYG builder that enables the drag & drop assembly of scalable, web-applications using Ajax widgets, web services and databases.




JavaScriptMVC is an open-source framework containing the best ideas in enterprise JavaScript development. It guides you to successfully completed projects by promoting best practices, maintainability, and convention over configuration.




SACK is a simple set of code to allow you to put AJAX into your webpages with none of the fuss or overhead of other packages.It makes using AJAX simpler, and easy to implement.SACK is released under a Modified X11 licence.




Jaxer is an Ajax server. HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are native to Jaxer, as are XMLHttpRequests, JSON, DOM scripting, etc. Jaxer is licensed under the GPL, and leverages the ubiquitous Mozilla engine that is used in Firefox 3,Jaxer is fully compatible with the latest JavaScript standards, including access to all of the features you are familiar with – from Date to Math to window and document, and even JavaScript 1.5, 1.7, and 1.8.




Similar to Firebug, NitobiBug is a browser-based JavaScript object logger and inspection tool. NitobiBug runs across different browsers (IE6+, Safari, Opera, Firefox) to provide a consistent and powerful tool for developing rich Ajax applications.



Beautify Javascript

Beautify JavaScript was intended to explore ugly javascripts, making it all neatly and consistently formatted and readable.



JsDoc Toolkit

JsDoc Toolkit is an application, written in JavaScript, for automatically generating template-formatted, multi-page HTML (or XML, JSON, or any other text-based) documentation from commented JavaScript source code.



Clean AJAX

Clean is an open source engine for AJAX, that provides a high level interface to work with the AJAX technology. It was designed in conformation with the separation of concerns principle, keeping focus on AJAX issues so Clean AJAX can be plugged in any page or DHTML framework.




Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of web development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.


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