7+ ActionScript Class Let You Using XML Easily

Using XML is one of the best ways for structuring external content in a logical format that is easy to understand, process, and update.

The XML libraries have been completely overhauled in ActionScript 3. It implements the powerful XML-handling standards defined in ECMAScript for XML (E4X) specification. The XML class contains methods and properties for working with XML objects.

In AS 2 we create an XML object and then call the XML.load() method in order to load in an external file. In AS 3 loading of external XML files is handled by the new URLLoader class.

Here is 7 XML operator Class in actionscript which let you using xml easily.


1)  XMLConduit

XMLConduit is a simple class that allows you to use POST and GET to return XML data from a URL (budget webservice). It works really well, you can just extend it by adding your own required methods, or you could set it up with one generic method that supplies the event type, etc. and you could send it an object with properties instead of specific arguments (so you could loop through and inspect them).

2) XML Loader Class

XML Loader Class is based on Sephiroth’s XML tutorial post, but there were some syntax errors I had to correct so I thought it might be worth posting and saving folks a minute or two. I also blew out his example into a proper Class, which might be useful for some to compare. Cheers.

3) Actionscript XML Search Utillity

A neat little class for searching through an xml object, options include recursive search or just return the first instance. Proper documentation to follow.

4) XMLParser

This class provides an easy way to load and/or send an XML file and parse the data into a format that’s simple to work with. Every node becomes an array with the same name. All attributes are also easily accessible because they become properties with the same name.

5) XMLHighlighter

Use the methods and properties of the XMLHighlighter class to generate the html code to generate color highlighted pretty printed XML.

6) XML2Object

This class allow you to tranform every kind of XML file into a Native AS Object. Inside the .zip there is also an example on how to use it

7) Atom

An AS 2 class to represent and parse Atom feeds.

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