5 Great Tutorials For iPhone Developers

The smartphone market is buzzing with the nearly limitless opportunities in the app development sector. This not only means steep competition, but some huge payoffs for coders willing to put time into a decent program. With the iPhone hitting Verizon the consumer base has grown practically exponentially. Here are some of the best tutorials for for iPhone developers from rookie to veteran.


1. iPhone Application Programming

This is a series of 17 MP3 lectures, plus a bonus lecture, that were given by various professors from Stanford and are downloadable to computers or iPods. It is completely free tutorial and covers nearly every stage of app development. The first few lectures begin with the very basics but require some knowledge of programming languages and semantics, such as Objective-C. Near the end of this 17 part series developers will learn about advanced Media tricks, Core Motion, and Map Kits.

2. Apple Developer

Sometimes it is best to simply here it from the horses mouth, and this is what Apple Developer is all about. Apple has produced a single stop for developers of everything Mac, from Safari to iTunes. While this tutorial program may come off more like a sales pitch it is still a powerful resource. The ‘Dev’ centers are specialized tutorials for the iPhone operating system. It begins with how to learn Objective-C and goes all the way through marketing and sales.

3. NETTUTS iPhone and iTouch Tutorial

Sometimes working with a template and getting specific examples is the best way to grasp a new coding language or programming problem. This is exactly what James Black from NetTutsPlus is going for with this tutorial. He describes how HTML, Java, and even CSS work within the iPhone. An app is developed step by step including the code as well as a brief description after each portion.

4. Mobile Orchard Xcode Tips and Tricks 

For the established iPhone developer that can still be a lot of nuances that go unnoticed and underutilized. This tutorial is perfect for the established developer looking to streamline their work. Essential shortcuts, macros, and workspace tweaks are few of the tips and tricks that turn a 500 hour project into a 200 hour project.

5. Mobile Orchard App Acceptance Help

There is only one thing to do once that app is up and running – convince Apple to carry it in their store. This tutorial was written Brian Stormont of Stormy Productions, a well-established app developer, and outlines the exact process it takes to get Apple to accept an app. This includes everything from keeping apps within bandwidth limits to which short descriptions will likely get the boot and which will make the cut.

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