Mac Software and Applications That You Must Try Out

Users of computers with Mac as the operating system 惻rejoice! For there are many software and applications out there which can give your computer the necessary tweaks to improve the experience and performance greatly. The software can be mainly classified into these categories, depending on their usage or utility: computer files, internet, multimedia, little applications, tools and work. There are several such software and apps that can be listed under each category, but we will look at only a few from each category.


Computer files: AppFresh does a better work than can the in-built Software updater in your Mac, as it can find and download updates for third party software as well.

AppZapper is ideal for those looking to get rid of redundant preference files that come with any application. These can be left behind during uninstalling but this little application can help remove those.

OpenPlist will be boon to those who would need to edit Plist files.

Quicksilver is the app or program launcher tool. It allows one to start and working on virtually everything.

Stuffit is ideal for those who have a lot of archives on their computers. This app helps to unpack or unstuff almost any kind of file.

TextWrangler is a text editing tool. Editing text files is easier with this app than even with the text edit.

Tidyup is an application that can help one to get rid of all the duplicate files that are present on the computer. It helps to organize the files on a computer that has lots of data in it.

Todos is a viewing software. It helps one to view all the software and applications that are there on the Mac at a glance.

Disk Inventory X is a scanning tool that can help you identify all those programs and applications that are really hogging the CPU and slowing down your computer.

Grand Perspective is very similar to the Disk Inventory X tool and shows the amount of disk space being used up by each application.

Internet: Adium is a chat tool that through the use of plugins and simple techniques can help one use Hotmail, Yahoo and other chat applications, all in one place. However, it does have some limitations when it comes to functions and features.

Azureus is a bittorrent client which can help download torrent files from the internet.

ApGrapher is a software that is ideal for finding the wireless networks that is within your computer range.

Multimedia: VLC player is a music player that can be used for many types of music and video files.

Blender is tough to learn but can prove to be a very handy 3D modeling tool.

Delicious Library is ideal for organizing the music and ebook files on your computer.

Gimp is a good image editor.

Little Apps: Fish is a simple tool that can show fishes swimming around your computer screen!

Similar small applications and software include Autorate, LiquidMac, Rulers, Quinn etc.

Tools: Geektool, Chmox, Battery Health and Apple remote desktop are useful tools.

Work: Cha Ching, concept draw, Yojimbo, Process and Quicken are useful tools that can be used for work purposes.

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