Photoshop Tutorial: Fog Effect

Adding fog can be a very effective way of making photo look more mystic or romantic. You would think that with something like the Clouds filter it would be easy to create a fog effect in a photograph, and indeed it is possible to "fog" an image very quickly just by applying the Clouds filter to a new layer and then changing the layer’s Blending Mode to Screen. However, this rarely, if ever, looks truly authentic. Here comes 5 good tutorials to show how to create a realistic fog effect.

1. Fog

Fog Effect

2. Realistic Fog & Mist

Realistic Fog & Mist

3. Create realistic fog

Create realistic fog

4. How to Create a Fog Effect in Photoshop

How to Create a Fog Effect in Photoshop

5. Photoshop Tutorial: Lovely Fog Overlay

Photoshop Tutorial Lovely Fog Overlay

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