Take Care of Yourself and Others When Using Your Phone

One of the most important things you can do is taking care of yourself. A recent study in the news recently has shown that talking on the cell phone is even more dangerous than drinking and driving! If you are a motorist who talk on cell phones while driving, how should you take care of yourself?

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Mouse Event of Silverlight 3(with Full Source Code)

Silverlight 3 provides us some mouse events, containing MouseEnter, MouseLeave,

MouseLeftButtonDown, MouseLeftButtonUp, MouseMove, and MouseWheel. These mouse events use MouseButtonEventArgs and MouseEventArgs as parameters to catch events then active related behaviour. Through the passage we’ll learn to manage five of these events above. Please prepare some nice pictures and then let’s start to practise three samples with VWD or Visual Studio 2008.

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A Simple Silverlight Application with Button Control

We’ll use lots of controls when creating Silverlight applications. These controls make development more funnier. After a fair familarity of Silverlight, this article will teach you to apply Button control to a simple Silverlight application. The effect can be displayed in the demo(FireFox only).

Of course we need to have already installed Visual Studio 2008 or Visual Web Developer 2008 and deployed Silverlight 3 development environment, as the passage How to deploy the development environment for Silverlight3 says. In this sample I adopt Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition. Are you ready to start? Follow me, go!

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Introduction of Microsoft Expression Blend

Microsoft has published the third version of a series of professional design and Internet application tools combination, calling Expression Studio 3, which contains Expression Design, Expression Blend, and Expression Web and so on. As a full-featured professional design tool, Microsoft Expression Blend can be used to design beautiful and complicated UI for applications based on Microsoft Windows and Silverlight. That means, Blend is a useful and common tool to create WPF applications, including Silverlight, for that Silverlight is a subset of WPF. It allows designers to focus on creating while developers focus on programming. Today we will try to explain what is Microsoft Expression Blend, how it works, which tools it can be with, what it produces, what functions it has and what types of applications it can create.

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Easily Create Your Silverlight Page With BorderControl, ToggleButtonControl & ImageControl Controls etc

There are rich controls in Silverlight projects. Though they are really easy to use as that of HTML or Frontpage, as fresher we still need to know some basic usages of them. The top-left one applies BorderControl and TextBlockControl while the bottom-left one applies ToggleControl. And the right one is made with ImageControl. In this case we’ll use VWD2008 Expression with SP1 + Silverlight 3 Tools, and we’ll step by step get these controls listed below realized in your page:

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How to Deploy the Development Environment for Silverlight 3

Micorsoft has published its Web IDE installation called "Microsoft Web Platform Installer", which includes the latest Silverlight3 Tools and development environment. But many fresher are still confused about deploying the development environment for Silverlight. As I’ve experienced a week’s terrible deploying, let me share the experience with you to facilitate your trip.

First, download Microsoft Web Platform Installer named wpilauncher.exe. Click the picture below to begin downloading. But it is just a downloader, that is, on-line installation.

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Silverlight Is So Charming

As a new solution for development of Web front-end application-program, Microsoft Silverlight is one of the main development platforms created by Microsoft’s strategy of Rich Internet Application. Meanwhile it is a link of Microsoft UX strategy, also it is Microsoft’s one attempt (another is WPF) to clearly separate the artistic design from the program developers’ work, but both can cooperate favorably.

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