Free Computer Back-Up Software

Most people have been faced with the horrifying experience of their computer crashing. It’s a terrible feeling when lose everything that you’ve had. Many people use their computer as a storage device for things like picture, correspondence, financial data, and school papers. This is understandable. It’s a space saver.

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Data Recovery for Mac: What you need to know

Sam was a seasoned internet marketer. Over the years he had accumulated a lot of data in his computer. This data was very important for his daily activities. Since he used mac os in his system, everything was working so well and was making reasonable income through his online marketing. Although his computer had shown short of slowed down, he reckoned the speed was still good. Then one day, he received an email from a stranger. The title was good and tempting to open. He threw all caution in the air and opened the mail. Little did he know that he had been tricked to open a deadly virus. The virus corrupted his OS  and the unimaginable happened. His system crashed. All his precious data was gone. All the critical data gathered over a couple of years vanished. Sam was desperate to say the least. Is there any hope for Sam to recover his data?

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