Take Care of Yourself and Others When Using Your Phone

One of the most important things you can do is taking care of yourself. A recent study in the news recently has shown that talking on the cell phone is even more dangerous than drinking and driving! If you are a motorist who talk on cell phones while driving, how should you take care of yourself?

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Photoshop Tutorial: Painting Collection

This collection is focus on drawing and painting. 3 tutorials will show you the steps to work out. 2 digital matte painting tutorial collections are also wrapped in this collection for your appreciation. A matte painting is a painted representation of a landscape, set, or distant location that allows filmmakers to create the illusion of an environment that would otherwise be too expensive or impossible to build or visit.

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Free Computer Back-Up Software

Most people have been faced with the horrifying experience of their computer crashing. It’s a terrible feeling when lose everything that you’ve had. Many people use their computer as a storage device for things like picture, correspondence, financial data, and school papers. This is understandable. It’s a space saver.

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Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Beautiful Fan Surrounded by Magic Shapes, Runes and Plants

This is a tutorial from Photoshop Lady by CorneliaMladenova.

In this Photoshop tutorial I am going to show you all steps taken to turn a pair of wooden mallets into a gorgeous looking fan surrounded by magic shapes, runes and plants.
To achieve the final result we shall practice and apply lots of transformations, Displacement Map, layer styles, actions and also dry brush smudge used to make amazing scattered effects and flying debris.
To implement successfully all steps of this tutorial, firstly we need to download the source image in high resolution from here.

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Adobe Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners: Get Started Guide

Adobe Photoshop has become one of the most widely used programs that give a baffling experience as we come to fire it up for the first time. Although, it might be a bit hectic to work with it in its early use but as you get expert, there are more and more features to bewilder you. This software is being used by a big niche of the users from a photographer to a hobbyist. There are many websites that offer to deliver the tutorials for the novice Adobe Photoshop users and usually they go a long way in expanding the understandability of the functions and the features of the Adobe Photoshop.

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Photoshop Tutorial: Fog Effect

Adding fog can be a very effective way of making photo look more mystic or romantic. You would think that with something like the Clouds filter it would be easy to create a fog effect in a photograph, and indeed it is possible to "fog" an image very quickly just by applying the Clouds filter to a new layer and then changing the layer’s Blending Mode to Screen. However, this rarely, if ever, looks truly authentic. Here comes 5 good tutorials to show how to create a realistic fog effect.

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Comprehendable Search Engines On Websites to Crash Competition

It is in every webmasters goal to elevate their websites Google rankings or any other search engines in the web. And who wouldn’t? To elevate one’s status especially on the web is an exceptional feeling. The competition around the net is such a big deal that everybody around the globe is feeling it. Everybody involved in this business are eager to know who are famous and mostly uploaded sites on the web. Are they one of the most visited and uploaded site or not?

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Mac Software and Applications That You Must Try Out

Users of computers with Mac as the operating system ・rejoice! For there are many software and applications out there which can give your computer the necessary tweaks to improve the experience and performance greatly. The software can be mainly classified into these categories, depending on their usage or utility: computer files, internet, multimedia, little applications, tools and work. There are several such software and apps that can be listed under each category, but we will look at only a few from each category.

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Photoshop Tutorial: Cosmic Elements

This Photoshop tutorial collection will focus on cosmic elements created by various techniques or used in Photoshop. The five tutorials cover that: 1. How to create a cosmic photo manipulation using different Photoshop techniques, brushes and blending modes. 2. How to create the cosmic lady opposite, complete with overlay effects, color treatments and elements. 3. How to create an awesome cosmic inspired dreamy scene artwork in Photoshop. The tutorial will demonstrate how to use stock photography, 3d elements, and various techniques. 4. Using the combination of retro colors, some realistic elements ( Pyramids, Planets, Aurora Borealis ) plus a feeling of emptiness and solitude, to present a futuristic and fantastic image of cosmic proportion. 5. How to create some custom line brushes, and then apply them to a subject to create a cosmic design.

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Photoshop Tutorial: Alien Collection

This is a alien collection of Photoshop tutorials. Alien means a being from another planet or another part of the universe, especially in works of science fiction, so you will find tutorials in this collection  to show you how to create beings from other planets. Terrible? Fantastic? Some techniques were used to render the effect. Here we go.

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